About the Centre

The Cambridge Centre for Mindfulness was created in 2009 in response to the need for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive interventions in Cambridge. The centre was founded by Mabel Martinelli, a Psychologist / CBT therapist who had recently relocated from Oxford. Mabel trained in Oxford with Mark Williams during her work in mental health for the NHS.

Initially the centre teamed up with Ann-Marie Golden, a Health Psychologist experienced in the delivery of MBSR practices, until her departure for Canada in 2011. The centre have to date delivered courses to over 300 participants and it is known for its reputation in delivering high quality MBCT interventions by qualified and accredited therapist.


Mabel Martinelli

Chartered Counselling Psychologist /CBT Psychotherapist

BPS, BABCP and HCPC Accredited

AFBPsS – C.Psychol. Accredited CBT Psychotherapist and Supervisor

Lic. in Ps. (Arg), MScPRM (UK), MSc CBT (UK), PGCert, PGDip, PGDip in Psychology (Sp), DoctQual in Counselling Psychology (BPS, UK)


Her professional development benefitted from a broad based psychological training in Argentina, before embarking on advanced and specialist training in Spain and the UK. She is experienced in clinical supervision and training, including that of trainee clinical psychologists, medical doctors and cognitive and behavioural psychotherapists, which she delivered in Oxford and currently in Cambridge and East Anglia. Mabel is a clinical supervisor, visiting lecturer and module leader for the MSc / PGDip In CBT programme at the Department of Health and Social Care, University of Hertfordshire. She is also the primary clinical supervisor to psychotherapists at the University of Cambridge Counselling Service (UCS), and runs a private clinic in Trumpington, Cambridge.

Mabel’s main applied clinical research interests are in the area of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is the lead clinician for a psychological intervention in a randomised controlled trial for survivors of intensive care treatment (CANResT ICU). This trial is currently running at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, in collaboration with the MRC- CBSU and the Cambridge Clinical Research Centre for Affective Disorders.

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