Mindfulness based group programmes are a new approach to managing stress and promoting well-being. The programmes are based in the scientific psychological application of meditation practices to aid personal growth and improve well-being. These involve a structured and well-researched approach, backed up by evidence which suggest that people completing the course gain significant and long lasting benefits. The approach is open to all who are motivated to try it, and are committed to attending eight weekly sessions and practicing between sessions.


Our current programme of events can be found in our “programme” page


Mindfulness-Based Group Programmes

At the Mindfulness Centre Cambridge we organise mindfulness-based programmes specific to the needs of different client populations. All the Mindfulness-Based group programmes are organised around eight weekly classes, always relying on the participant’s commitment to regular practice in-between sessions.

During our programmes, participants meet together as a class, facilitated by one or two mindfulness teachers. The sessions cover:

1. The Automatic Pilot, recognising our mind-lessness and how often we are not really here
2. Dealing with barriers, listening to the chatter of the mind
3. Mindfulness of the Breath, learning to bring ourselves back to the present moment
4. Staying Present, and learning a new way to relate to our experience
5. Allowing / letting be, being with what is already here, with kindness, whether we like or not like what it is
6. Thoughts are not facts, learning to loosen up the powerful effects of our ways of thinking
7. How can I best take care of myself, applying our new learning experience positively into our lives
8. Preparing for the future, how to carry our new learning forward


The programme will help you to,
  • Become familiar with your patterns of thinking
  • Identify your personal roadblocks
  • Recognise your inner-critic and the different forms it may take
  • Discover your own Mindless ways of being


explore ways of releasing yourself from your old habits of mind to,
  • Discover the small beauties hidden in everyday life
  • Enjoy things for what they are
  • Freeing yourself from unnecessary suffering


experience life in the present moment, by paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally

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