MBCT for Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing

The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Personal Development, Health & WellBeing series is open to all who would like to explore the MBCT approach to their difficulties. The programme follows the structure of the widely researched mindfulness based programme: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), as recommended by the NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines.

A broad body of research suggest that participants who attend Mindfulness based programmes and engage with the practices, make significant gains in their overall health and wellbeing. The evidence in support of these practices is so strong that almost three-quarters of GPs think it would be beneficial for all patients to learn mindfulness meditation skills (source: Mental Health Foundation ).

Many people speak positively about how MBCT programmes have transformed their lives, and clinical research has proven that it can benefit people suffering from recurrent depression and other clinically diagnosed mental health problems. In fact, the evidence is so robust that the National Institute for Clinical and Health Excellence (NICE) recommends it for all people who have had two or more depressive episodes (source: Mental Health Foundation ).

These series are also the foundation programme for all those professionals who would like to learn Mindfulness to apply to their professional practice.


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Personal Development, Health & Well-Being

An 8-week mindfulness based programme to learn to:

– Experience the present moment at its fullest, by paying attention to the unfolding experience, instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future
-Develop new ways of dealing with old habits: worry, negative thoughts, vicious circles
-Establish healthy ways of being with the busy-ness of everyday life

Duration: 8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each

It is expected of participants to attempt to attend all sessions, and to practice between sessions.

Session Outline

  • Session 1: Automatic Pilot
  • Session 2: Dealing with Barriers
  • Session 3: Mindfulness of the Breath
  • Session 4: Staying Present
  • Session 5: Allowing / Letting Be
  • Session 6: Thoughts Are Not Facts
  • Session 7: How can I Best Take Care of Myself?
  • Session 8: Using What Has Been Learned for a Better Future  

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